Humans of Lao Rugby: Paiya


“Before being a coach, my daily routine and time management was not so difficult. However, after joining the program as a coach I started to face problems, and I found it is difficult to manage my time. During the weekdays, I had to go to school, do housework, and train the children.

I had to manage problems by myself, and I started to develop more leadership. Now I can give advice to my friends and I can manage my time to train my teams (2 U13 teams and a U14 team).

After becoming a coach, I started to gain more experiences. I have made new friends and I have learned life skills, rugby skills, and first aid treatment. Being a coach taught me how to manage my time for studies, housework, training my teams, and other things. I have developed relationships with many people who have more experience, knowledge, and different capacity than me. I feel that my life has positively changed because I am a coach."