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The LRF is recruiting for coaches; please find an application form here!

The LRF is pleased to announce the 10th installment of the Vientiane International Rugby Competition!


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See the 9th annual RugbyPass.com Vientiane International Rugby Championship results here!http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2FRugbyPass.com%2F&h=gAQEE8Yr_&enc=AZOrALcj1u-L5mXQVzp2UflyNO7InaGyDOPSKTXAHeimDqYwUjprigBfksxWdtn-Bvo&s=1Vientiane_Championship_2016.htmlVientiane_Championship_2016.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1

The Lao Rugby Federation (LRF) was formed in 2001. Since then, the LRF has gone on to gain full membership of Asia Rugby, associate member status of World Rugby and most importantly, registration with the Lao National Sports Committee (NSC).

The LRF is the governing body for all rugby union activities within the Lao PDR. LRF activities are focused on developing the sport through a school and community development programme, supporting domestic and elite teams to improve and developing a sound structure to provide transparent and accountable financial and administrative support to the sport.

The LRF mission is: To provide opportunities for men and women, boys and girls, social and elite players and those in urban and rural areas to participate in the sport of rugby union, whilst ensuring that health benefits and personal development opportunities are realised to their fullest extent.

The LRF understands that this can only be achieved by ensuring that we have the necessary capacities to deliver high quality playing and participation opportunities; this involves engagement with the government, communities, businesses, schools and other institutions to provide sustainable access to participation (playing and non-playing) opportunities.

The LRF is proud to invite teams to join in the 2016 Coca-Cola Tag Rugby League!  Click here for more information!