Leader Development

The LRF operates its office with a team of 20 full time staff members across Vientiane Capital and Xieng Khouang Province.  In addition to full time staff, the LRF’s Champa Ban powered by ChildFund Pass It Back youth rugby program sees more than 100 part-time Coaches leading over 3,000 youth rugby players through the ChildFund Pass It Back curriculum on a weekly basis. The Coaches are trained in rugby development, first aid, measuring change, ChildFund Pass It Back curriculum delivery, refereeing, and team management.

We strive to provide transparent administrative support to the sport with a strong focus on safeguarding and capacity building. To ensure transparency, we undergo an external audit on an annual basis. 

From learning about rugby to becoming a Champa Ban powered by ChildFund Pass It Back coach, to building her career in sport for development, Development Coordinator Lao Khang has forged her own path to become a role model for players everywhere.

Measuring Change

ChildFund Pass it Back is very important to me; it makes my body strong from playing rugby, and I have opportunities to learn about life skills that I can use in my daily life. I would like other people to think as I do - that gender equity is very important for everyone in our community, and it is very important that everyone respects each other and follows regulations...The lessons I have learned are very useful. They made me become a person who respects other people more.”
— Malathor, 15 years old

As part of their training for the ChildFund Pass It Back rugby and life skills curriculum, youth rugby coaches in Laos measure the effectiveness of the curriculum and changes seen in players through a variety of methods, including surveys, case studies, and most improved player highlights.


The LRF promotes children’s rights as described in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child (1989) as ratified by the Government of Lao PDR, and is committed to the principle of doing no harm. To uphold these values, the LRF has developed a safeguarding policy and implementation plan that aims to:

  • Make a safe and inclusive environment to grow the sport of rugby in Laos;

  • Have clear behavioural expectations relating to safeguarding for everyone in the LRF community;

  • Have a clear system to report and respond to safeguarding concerns or incidents;

  • Make all LRF activities safe for everyone in the rugby community.

The LRF is committed to taking steps at all levels to safeguard all children, including through contact with staff, volunteers, coaches, sponsors, interns, consultants, supporters, visitors, partners, players and any other individuals supporting or representing the LRF’s work.