lao National Team

Through the growth of our Champa Ban and domestic club rugby programs, Lao national teams have become increasingly competitive on the international stage. The LRF works to field an ever-expanding number of national teams in a variety of age groups ranging from Under-16s all the way up to Senior National Teams. DAC’s longterm support as a platinum sponsor for elite rugby has made the national team’s growth and success possible.

Lao National Teams participate in regional competitions such as the Southeast Asian Games and Asian Games as well as Asia Rugby events. Additionally, DAC Lao National Teams participate in the annual Mekong Cup, a test match against Thai Rugby.

The DAC Lao Nagas are a representative side of senior and developing players. Members of the DAC Lao Nagas have seen the benefits of international playing experience and bring back inspiration to to the players they coach and play with on their club teams in Laos.

Women’s National Team Results

Date Opponent Score Result
20/10/2018 Brunei 24-0 Win
20/10/2018 Malaysia 0-22 Loss
20/10/2018 Guam 12-10 Win
21/10/2018 Indonesia 10-12 Loss
21/10/2018 Nepal 22-0 Win
21/10/2018 India 10-31 Loss

Men’s National Team Results

Date Opponent Score Result
4/8/2018 Kazakhstan 7-22 Loss
4/8/2018 Thailand 0-43 Loss
4/8/2018 Uzbekistan 7-22 Loss
5/8/2018 Bangladesh 12-26 Loss
5/8/2018 Nepal 31-7 Win

Women’s U18 Team Results

Date Opponent Score Result
26/10/2018 Quatar 0-24 Loss
27/10/2018 Philippines 0-7 Loss
27/10/2018 China 0-63 Loss
27/10/2018 Nepal 30-0 Win
28/10/2018 Bangladesh 51-0 Win
28/10/2018 Chinese Taipei 32-0 Win

Men’s U18 Team Results

Date Opponent Score Result
8/12/2018 Uzbekistan 26-12 Win
8/12/2018 China 0-51 Loss
8/12/2018 Korea 0-26 Loss
8/12/2018 Malaysia 0-53 Loss
9/12/2018 Hong Kong 0-62 Loss
9/12/2018 Quatar 5-26 Loss